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Superconductors & Superconductivity

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Download this eBook An Introductory Guide to Computational Methods for the Solution of Physics Problems
An Introductory Guide to Computational...
George Rawitscher , Victo Dos Santos Filho , Thiago Carvalho Peixoto

This monograph presents fundamental aspects of modern spectral and other computational methods, which are not...

Download this eBook Topological Matter
Topological Matter
Dario Bercioux , Jérôme Cayssol , Maia G. Vergniory , M. Reyes Calvo

This book covers basic and advanced aspects in the field of Topological Matter. The chapters are based on the lectures...

Download this eBook Electronic and Magnetic Excitations in Correlated and Topological Materials
Electronic and Magnetic Excitations in...
John S. Van Dyke

This ?thesis reports a major breakthrough in discovering the superconducting mechanism in CeCoIn5, the...

Download this eBook Uniaxial Stress Technique and Investigations of Correlated Electron Systems
Uniaxial Stress Technique and...
Mark Edward Barber

This book reports on the development and application of a new uniaxial pressure apparatus that is currently...

Download this eBook Topological Quantum Matter
Topological Quantum Matter
Thomas Klein Kvorning

This book offers a theoretical description of topological matter in terms of effective field theories, and in particular...

Download this eBook Applications of the Gauge/Gravity Duality
Applications of the Gauge/Gravity...
Jonas Probst

Many open questions in Theoretical Physics pertain to strongly interacting quantum systems such as the quark-gluon...

Download this eBook Interplay of Quantum and Statistical Fluctuations in Critical Quantum Matter
Interplay of Quantum and Statistical...
Harley Scammell

This book explores critical phenomena in highly correlated quantum matter. Specifically, quantum antiferromagnets,...

Download this eBook Real-Time Quantum Dynamics of Electron–Phonon Systems
Real-Time Quantum Dynamics of...
Valerio Rizzi

This book develops a methodology for the real-time coupled quantum dynamics of electrons and phonons in nanostructures,...