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New releases
Download this eBook Global Nonlinear Dynamics for Engineering Design and System Safety
Global Nonlinear Dynamics for...
Giuseppe Rega , Stefano Lenci

This is the first book which exploits concepts and tools of global nonlinear dynamics for bridging the gap between...

Download this eBook Quality
S. P. Mukherjee

This book offers a comprehensive overview of quality and quality management. It also explores total quality management,...

Download this eBook Reliability Prediction and Testing Textbook
Reliability Prediction and Testing...
Lev M. Klyatis , Edward L. Anderson

This textbook reviews the methodologies of reliability prediction as currently used in industries such as...

Download this eBook Engineering Design under Uncertainty and Health Prognostics
Engineering Design under Uncertainty and...
Chao Hu , Byeng D. Youn , Pingfeng Wang

This book presents state-of-the-art probabilistic methods for the reliability analysis and design of engineering...

Download this eBook Simulations for Design and Manufacturing
Simulations for Design and Manufacturing
Uday S. Dixit , Ravi Kant

This book focuses on numerical simulations of manufacturing processes, discussing the use of numerical simulation...

Download this eBook Software Quality Assurance
Software Quality Assurance
Alain April , Claude Y. Laporte

This book introduces Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and provides an overview of standards used to implement SQA. It...

Download this eBook Technical Safety – An Attribute of Quality
Technical Safety – An Attribute of...
Hubert Keller , Wolf-Dieter Pilz , Bernd Schulz-Forberg , Christian Langenbach

This book focuses on technical safety, means of expanding the current procedures, and making the related risks more...

Download this eBook Bridge Collapse Frequencies versus Failure Probabilities
Bridge Collapse Frequencies versus...
Dirk Proske

This monograph provides a comparative study between failure probabilities and collapse frequencies in structural bridge...

Download this eBook Nonregular Nanosystems
Nonregular Nanosystems
Yuri Shunin , Stefano Bellucci , Alytis Gruodis , Tamara Lobanova-Shunina

This book presents a systemic view of nanophenomena in terms of disordered condensed media with characteristics...

Download this eBook Precision Product-Process Design and Optimization
Precision Product-Process Design and...
Sanjay S. Pande , Uday S. Dixit

This book introduces readers to various tools and techniques for the design of precision, miniature...

Download this eBook Advances in Structural Integrity
Advances in Structural Integrity
Raghu Prakash , Vikram Jayaram , Ashok Saxena

This book includes selected technical papers presented at the First Structural Integrity Conference and Exhibition...