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Chemical & Biochemical

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Download this eBook Catalysis by Polymers
Catalysis by Polymers
E. A. Bekturov , S. E. Kudaibergenov

There is no summary available for this book.

Download this eBook Oriented Polymer Materials
Oriented Polymer Materials
Stoyko Fakirov

There is no summary available for this book.

Download this eBook Zero Waste Engineering
Zero Waste Engineering
M. M. Khan , M. R. Islam

Is "zero waste engineering" possible? This book outlines how to achieve zero waste engineering,...

Download this eBook Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals
Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals
Ashok Pandey , S.Venkata Mohan , Sunita Varjani

Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals encompasses the potential of microbial electrochemical technologies,...

Download this eBook Green Technologies for the Oil Palm Industry
Green Technologies for the Oil Palm...
Dominic C.Y. Foo , Mustafa Kamal Tun Abdul Aziz

This book reports the latest work on green technologies in palm oil milling processes, including new processes and...

Download this eBook Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes
Current Trends and Future Developments...
Angelo Basile , Alfredo Cassano , Alberto Figoli

Current Trends and Future Developments in (Bio-) Membranes: Renewable Energy Integrated with Membrane...

Download this eBook Recognizing and Responding to Normalization of Deviance
Recognizing and Responding to...

An essential guide for recognizing and responding to normalization of deviance to help organizations improve their...

Download this eBook Generalized van der Waals Theory of Molecular Fluids in Bulk and at Surfaces
Generalized van der Waals Theory of...

Generalized van der Waals Theory of Molecular Fluids in Bulk and at Surfaces presents successful research on...

Download this eBook Membrane Separation Principles and Applications
Membrane Separation Principles and...
Takeshi Matsuura , Ahmad Fauzi Ismail , Mukhlis A. Rahman , Mohd Hafiz Dzarfan Othman

Membrane Separation Principles and Applications: From Material Selection to Mechanisms and Industrial Uses,...

Download this eBook Ethanol
Angelo Basile , Adolfo Iulianelli , T. Nejat Veziroglu , Francesco Dalena

Ethanol: Science and Engineering reviews the most significant research findings in both ethanol production and...

Download this eBook Handbook of Pharmaceutical Wet Granulation
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Wet...
Ajit S. Narang , Sherif I.F. Badawy

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Wet Granulation: Theory and Practice in a Quality by Design Paradigm offers a...

Download this eBook Biodesulfurization in Petroleum Refining
Biodesulfurization in Petroleum Refining
Nour Shafik El-Gendy , Hussein Mohamed Nabil Nassar

Petroleum refining and process engineering is constantly changing.  No new refineries are being built, but companies...