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Sports Psychology

Download this eBook Win


Jason Brennan , Brent Pope
Hachette Books Ireland

'Visualise your goals and achieve your potential.'Easy-to-follow and extremely effective, Win will change the way you think about all aspects of your life.From well-known personality and rugby commentator Brent Pope...
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Download this eBook Handbook of Leisure, Physical Activity, Sports, Recreation and Quality of Life
Handbook of Leisure, Physical Activity,...
Lía Rodriguez De La Vega , Walter N. Toscano

This handbook provides an overview and synthesis of relevant literature related to leisure and recreation, and physical...

Download this eBook Win
Jason Brennan , Brent Pope

'Visualise your goals and achieve your potential.'Easy-to-follow and extremely effective, Win...

Download this eBook Swim Wild
Swim Wild
Jack Hudson , Calum Hudson , Robbie Hudson

Brothers Jack, Calum and Robbie have been swimming together their whole lives, and have never lost the sense of...

Download this eBook The Power of Mindfulness
The Power of Mindfulness
Amy Baltzell , Joshua Summers

This book offers both sport psychology practitioners and sport athletes a clear understanding of mindfulness to help...

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Michael Calvin

From the award-winning author of NO HUNGER IN PARADISEOutside the global spotlight,...

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Quiet Leadership
Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the greatest managers of all time, with five Champions League titles to his name. Yet his...

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The Greatest
Matthew Syed

What can Roger Federer teach us about the secret of longevity? What do the All Blacks have in common...

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The Captain Class
Sam Walker

The secret to winning is not what you think it is. It’s not the coach. It’s not the star....

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The Art of Centuries
Steve James

A century has always had a special resonance, in all walks of life, and none more so than in cricket. Scoring one...

Download this eBook Sport Psychology: A Complete Introduction
Sport Psychology: A Complete...
John Perry

Sport Psychology: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one...

Download this eBook Achieve the Impossible
Achieve the Impossible
Greg Whyte

Have you set yourself goals for this coming year? Do you want to reduce anxiety? By making the impossible...

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Enda Mcnulty

'An onslaught of positivity from start to finish . . . Plenty [of people] will find something in it to help them...