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Spectroscopy & Spectrum Analysis

Download this eBook Spectroscopy


Mark F. Vitha

Provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the theory of spectroscopy and the design and use of spectrophotometers In this book, you will learn the fundamental principles underpinning molecular...
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Download this eBook Spectroscopy
Mark F. Vitha

Provides students and practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the theory of spectroscopy and the...

Download this eBook Physics of Quantum Rings
Physics of Quantum Rings
Vladimir M. Fomin

This book, now in its second edition, introduces readers to quantum rings as a special class of modern high-tech...

Download this eBook Chiral and Topological Nature of Magnetic Skyrmions
Chiral and Topological Nature of...
Shilei Zhang

This book focuses on the characterisation of the chiral and topological nature of magnetic skyrmions in...

Download this eBook Terahertz Wave Detection and Imaging with a Hot Rydberg Vapour
Terahertz Wave Detection and Imaging...
Christopher G. Wade

This book details groundbreaking experiments for the sensing and imaging of terahertz-frequency electromagnetic...

Download this eBook Physical Organic Chemistry of Quinodimethanes
Physical Organic Chemistry of...
Yoshito Tobe , Takashi Kubo

The series Topics in Current Chemistry Collections presents critical reviews from the journal Topics in...

Download this eBook Theory of Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Theory of Sum Frequency Generation...
Akihiro Morita

This book describes fundamental theory and recent advances of sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy. SFG...

Download this eBook High Resolution Imaging, Spectroscopy and Nuclear Quantum Effects of Interfacial Water
High Resolution Imaging, Spectroscopy...
Jing Guo

This thesis presents a series of experimental techniques based on scanning probe microscopy, which make it possible...

Download this eBook X-ray Nanochemistry
X-ray Nanochemistry
Ting Guo

This book describes the latest developments in the new research discipline of X-ray nanochemistry, which uses...

Download this eBook Nonlinear Dielectric Spectroscopy
Nonlinear Dielectric Spectroscopy
Ranko Richert

This book introduces the ideas and concepts of nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy, outlines its history, and provides...

Download this eBook Particle Confinement in Penning Traps
Particle Confinement in Penning Traps
Manuel Vogel

This book provides an introduction to the field of Penning traps and related experimental techniques. It serves both as...

Download this eBook Electronic Characterisation of Earth-Abundant Sulphides for Solar Photovoltaics
Electronic Characterisation of...
Thomas James Whittles

This book examines the electronic structure of earth-abundant and environmentally friendly materials for use as absorber...

Download this eBook Differentiation of Chiral Compounds Using NMR Spectroscopy
Differentiation of Chiral Compounds...
Thomas J. Wenzel

An updated guide to the most current information available for determining how to use NMR spectroscopy to...