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Religion, Politics & State

Download this eBook Dear Zealots

Dear Zealots

Amos Oz
Vintage Digital

'Concise, evocative... Dear Zealots is not just a brilliant book of thoughts and ideas – it is a depiction of the struggle of one man who, for decades, has insisted on keeping a sharp, strident and lucid perspective...
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Download this eBook Penguin Modern Poets 7
Penguin Modern Poets 7
Toby Martinez De Las Rivas , Geoffrey Hill , Rowan Evans

Grappling with nature, religion, violence and politics, poems of lucid intensity and astonishing power from three...

Download this eBook Dear Zealots
Dear Zealots
Amos Oz

'Concise, evocative... Dear Zealots is not just a brilliant book of thoughts and ideas –...

Download this eBook The Future of Creation Order
The Future of Creation Order
Gerrit Glas , Jeroen De Ridder

This work provides an overview of attempts to assess the current condition of the concept of creation order within...

Download this eBook Trumpocalypse
Paul Mcguire , Troy Anderson

From the authors of the international bestseller The Babylon Code comes an explosive exposé of the chilling...

Download this eBook Nostradamus
Denis Crouzet

One of the most enigmatic figures in history, Nostradamus - apothecary, astrologer and soothsayer - is a continual...

Download this eBook Liberal Neutrality and State Support for Religion
Liberal Neutrality and State Support for...
Leni Franken

This book focuses on the financing of religions, examining some European church-state models, using a philosophical...

Download this eBook Faith and Freedom
Faith and Freedom
Teresa Forcades

 Teresa Forcades, Spanish Benedictine nun, theologian, physician and political activist, is one of Europe’s leading...

Download this eBook Violence and Islam
Violence and Islam

Adonis' influence on Arabic literature has been likened to that of T. S. Eliot in the English-speaking world. Yet...

Download this eBook Edith Stein: Women, Social-Political Philosophy, Theology, Metaphysics and Public History
Edith Stein: Women, Social-Political...
Antonio Calcagno

This volume explores the work and thought of Edith Stein (1891–1942). It discusses in detail, and from new perspectives,...

Download this eBook Disability in Islamic Law
Disability in Islamic Law
Vardit Rispler-Chaim

1 When I completed my book Islamic Medical Ethics in the Twentieth Century , I was aware that I had omitted certain...

Download this eBook Heaven Upon Earth
Heaven Upon Earth
Jeffrey K. Jue

1.i THE HISTORY OF BRITISHAPOCALYPTICTHOUGHT The study of early modern Britain between the Reformation of the 1530s and...

Download this eBook Moral Philosophy on the Threshold of Modernity
Moral Philosophy on the Threshold of...
Jill Kraye , Risto Saarinen

Over the past twenty years the transition from the late Middle Ages to the early modern era has received increasing...