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Internal Medicine

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Download this eBook Rapid Differential Diagnosis
Rapid Differential Diagnosis
Amir H. Sam

There is no summary available for this book.

Download this eBook IgG4-Related Sclerosing Cholangitis
IgG4-Related Sclerosing Cholangitis
Terumi Kamisawa , Myung-Hwan Kim

This book aims to raise awareness of IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis among practicing physicians and to equip...

Download this eBook Lectures Notes
Lectures Notes
John R. Bradley , Mark Gurnell , Diana F. Wood

Featuring updated content throughout, this new edition of Clinical Medicine Lecture Notes is a concise guide...

Download this eBook Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Clinical Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Hoon Jai Chun , Suk-Kyun Yang , Myung-Gyu Choi

The second edition of this very popular atlas is designed to serve as an up-to-date guide to the diagnostic use of...

Download this eBook Ambulatory Gynecology
Ambulatory Gynecology
John V. Knaus , Marko J. Jachtorowycz , Allan A. Adajar , John V. Tam

There are approximately 55,000 practicing ob/gyns in the United States. The obstetrics and gynecology residency...

Download this eBook Chronic Illness Care
Chronic Illness Care
Timothy P. Daaleman , Margaret R. Helton

This book offers a comprehensive overview to chronic illness care, which is the coordinated, comprehensive, and...

Download this eBook ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine
ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine
Peter Cantillon , Sarah Yardley , Diana F. Wood

ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine is an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced medical...

Download this eBook Essential Reproduction
Essential Reproduction
Martin H. Johnson

Essential Reproduction provides an accessible account of the fundamentals of reproduction within the context...

Download this eBook Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms
Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms
Anthony M Szema

This book presents detailed case reports of unusual diseases with common symptoms, many of which have emerged in the...

Download this eBook A DIY Guide to Telemedicine for Clinicians
A DIY Guide to Telemedicine for...
S.B. Bhattacharyya

This book is a do-it-yourself guide for clinicians who wish to set up and run a telemedicine facility of their own....

Download this eBook Men's Health
Men's Health
Jeannette M Potts

This book covers issues of men’s health, including screening, diagnosis and management of common disorders and...

Download this eBook Hand Hygiene
Hand Hygiene
Didier Pittet , John M. Boyce , Benedetta Allegranzi

The first comprehensive, authoritative review of one of the most fundamental and important issues in infection control...