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Family & General Practice

Download this eBook Herzschrittmacher-Nachsorge für Einsteiger

Herzschrittmacher-Nachsorge für Einsteiger

Steffen Gazarek , Christian Restle

Herzschrittmachertherapie ist mit über 75.000 Erstimplantationen nicht nur ein Schwerpunkt heutiger Kardiologie, sie ist auch ein Musterbeispiel der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit von Ärzten und Ingenieuren in der...
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Download this eBook Stroke Essentials for Primary Care
Stroke Essentials for Primary Care
David Alway , John Walden Cole

Stroke Essentials for Primary Care: A Practical Guide is a must-have resource, offering the essential, practical...

Download this eBook Common Musculoskeletal Problems
Common Musculoskeletal Problems
James M Daniels , M. Rebecca Hoffman

This book is designed to act as an off-the-shelf guide to assist health care providers evaluating patients presenting...

Download this eBook Running Group Visits in Your Practice
Running Group Visits in Your Practice
Edward B. Noffsinger

A Fateful MeetingA year and a half ago, I was sitting at a conference listening to Ed Noffsinger speak, and suddenly had...

Download this eBook Surviving Adolescents 2.0
Surviving Adolescents 2.0
Michael Carr-Gregg Elly Robinson

Parenting teenagers of this generation requires a new skill set.Adolescence is one of the most risky growth...

Download this eBook Sexts, Texts and Selfies
Sexts, Texts and Selfies
Susan Mclean

Soon enough, every parent will have to discuss online safety with their children.This book is your salvation....

Download this eBook Handbook of Outpatient Medicine
Handbook of Outpatient Medicine
Elana Sydney , Eleanor Weinstein , Lisa M. Rucker

This handbook provides a quick, portable, algorithm-based guide to diagnosis and management of common problems seen...

Download this eBook Avoiding Errors in General Practice
Avoiding Errors in General Practice

Some of the most important and best lessons in a doctor’s career are learnt from mistakes. However, an awareness...

Download this eBook Writing Case Reports
Writing Case Reports
Somnath Mookherjee , Clifford D. Packer , Gabrielle N. Berger

This book provides medical students and physicians with a practical, step-by-step guide on how to write and publish a...

Download this eBook What Every Medical Writer Needs to Know
What Every Medical Writer Needs to Know
Robert B. Taylor

This book presents must-know facts generally not covered in “How To” books about medical writing. Every medical...

Download this eBook Taylor's Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
Taylor's Diagnostic and Therapeutic...
Robert B. Taylor

Primary care physicians in the U.S. and abroad widely trust and use Dr. Robert Taylor's acclaimed "Family Medicine:...

Download this eBook Agricultural Medicine
Agricultural Medicine
James E. Lessenger

The reader of this volume will experience a voyage of discovery with one of the finest guides available. James E....

Download this eBook Care of Adults with Chronic Childhood Conditions
Care of Adults with Chronic Childhood...

This book addresses the unique healthcare needs of adults with chronic childhood illnesses. It presents a model of...