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Download this eBook A Guide to Business Statistics

A Guide to Business Statistics

David M. Mcevoy

An accessible text that explains fundamental concepts in business statistics that are often obscured by formulae and mathematical notationA Guide to Business...
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Download this eBook A Guide to Business Statistics
A Guide to Business Statistics
David M. Mcevoy

An accessible text that explains fundamental concepts in business statistics that...

Download this eBook Introductory Relational Database Design for Business, with Microsoft Access
Introductory Relational Database Design...
Jonathan Eckstein , Bonnie R. Schultz

A hands-on beginner’s guide to designing relational databases and managing data using Microsoft Access...

Download this eBook Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data
Statistical Modeling for Degradation...
Hon Keung Tony Ng , Ding-Geng (Din) Chen , Yuhlong Lio , Ding-Geng (Din) Tsai

This book focuses on the statistical aspects of the analysis of degradation data. In recent years, degradation data...

Download this eBook Decision Processes by Using Bivariate Normal Quantile Pairs
Decision Processes by Using Bivariate...
N. C. Das

This book discusses equi-quantile values and their use in generating decision alternatives under the twofold...

Download this eBook Statistical Estimation for Truncated Exponential Families
Statistical Estimation for Truncated...
Masafumi Akahira

This book presents new findings on nonregular statistical estimation. Unlike other books on this topic, its...

Download this eBook Indexation and Causation of Financial Markets
Indexation and Causation of Financial...
Genshiro Kitagawa , Yoko Tanokura

?This book presents a new statistical method of constructing a price index of a financial asset where the price...

Download this eBook Optimal Stopping Rules
Optimal Stopping Rules
Albert N. Shiryaev

Along with conventional problems of statistics and probability, the - vestigation of problems occurring in what is now...

Download this eBook Handbook on Loss Reserving
Handbook on Loss Reserving
Klaus D. Schmidt , Michael Radtke , Anja Schnaus

This handbook presents the basic aspects of actuarial loss reserving. Besides the traditional methods, it also...

Download this eBook Advances in Time Series Methods and Applications
Advances in Time Series Methods and...
Wai Keung Li , David A. Stanford , Hao Yu

This volume reviews and summarizes some of A. I. McLeod's significant contributions to time series analysis. It also...

Download this eBook Bayesian Statistics from Methods to Models and Applications
Bayesian Statistics from Methods to...
Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter , Angela Bitto , Gregor Kastner , Sylvia Posekany

The Second Bayesian Young Statisticians Meeting (BAYSM 2014) and the research presented here facilitate connections...

Download this eBook Stochastic Ageing and Dependence for Reliability
Stochastic Ageing and Dependence for...
Min Xie , Chin Diew Lai

Ageing and dependence are two important characteristics in reliability and survival analysis, and they affect...

Download this eBook Analytical Methods in Statistics
Analytical Methods in Statistics
Jaromír Antoch , Jana Jurecková , Matúš Maciak , Jaromír Pešta

This volume collects authoritative contributions on analytical methods and mathematical statistics. The methods...