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Production & Operations Management

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Download this eBook Engineering Digital Transformation
Engineering Digital Transformation
Raul Poler , Ángel Ortiz , Carlos Andrés Romano , José-Pedro García-Sabater

This book outlining the latest developments in engineering digital transformation gathers a selection of the best...

Download this eBook The Praxis of Product Design in Collaboration with Engineering
The Praxis of Product Design in...
Wayne C. Chung

This book reveals how a generative design process capitalizes on understanding humans in context to deliver...

Download this eBook Strategic Implementation of Continuous Improvement Approach
Strategic Implementation of Continuous...
Jagdeep Singh , Harwinder Singh

This book covers the strategic use of continuous improvement (CI) techniques for manufacturing performance improvement....

Download this eBook Managing Innovation in Highly Restrictive Environments
Managing Innovation in Highly...
Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz , Giner Alor-Hernández , Guillermo Cortés-Robles

This book presents the integration of new tools, the modification of existing tools, and the combination of...

Download this eBook Just in Time Factory
Just in Time Factory

This book explains the implementation of just in time (JIT) production in an industrial context, while also highlighting...

Download this eBook SMART Supply Network
SMART Supply Network
Arkadiusz Kawa , Anna Maryniak

This book describes approaches, opinions, and concepts for new and emerging solutions and technologies that could be...

Download this eBook Contemporary Logistics in China
Contemporary Logistics in China
Jun Liu , Shao-Ju Lee , Jian-Hua Xiao , Bing-Lian Liu

This book is the eighth volume in a series entitled “Contemporary Logistics in China,” authored by researchers from...

Download this eBook Proceedings of the Fifth International Forum on Decision Sciences
Proceedings of the Fifth International...
Xiang Li , Xiaofeng Xu

The proceedings volume consists of academic papers on decision-making under uncertainty, smart decision, stochastic...

Download this eBook Integrated Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems and Smart Value Chain
Integrated Reconfigurable Manufacturing...
Farideh Delavari Edalat , M. Reza Abdi , Ashraf W. Labib , Alireza Abdi

The book develops manufacturing concepts and applications beyond physical production and towards a wider...

Download this eBook Customization 4.0
Customization 4.0

This proceedings volume presents the latest research from the worldwide mass customization & personalization (MCP)...