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Consumer Behavior

Download this eBook The 60 Second Sale

The 60 Second Sale

David V. Lorenzo

Every sale is made or lost in 60 seconds—make them count Cold calling and pushing your way into an office or a living room creates an atmosphere of adversity and distrust you must overcome before you close the deal. With those tired...
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Design Principles and Methodologies
Alessandro Freddi , Mario Salmon

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Download this eBook The 60 Second Sale
The 60 Second Sale
David V. Lorenzo

Every sale is made or lost in 60 seconds—make them count Cold calling and pushing your way into an...

Download this eBook Fast Fashion, Fashion Brands and Sustainable Consumption
Fast Fashion, Fashion Brands and...
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Download this eBook Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable Fashion Consumption
Consumer Behaviour and Sustainable...
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Download this eBook Sustainable Fashion: Consumer Awareness and Education
Sustainable Fashion: Consumer Awareness...
Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu

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Download this eBook Tourist Behavior
Tourist Behavior
Metin Kozak , Nazmi Kozak

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Download this eBook Blind Spots
Blind Spots
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Consumer Law and Socioeconomic...
Dan Wei , Claudia Lima Marques

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Download this eBook Fashion & Music
Fashion & Music
Jochen Strähle

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Download this eBook Consumer Behavior, Organizational Strategy and Financial Economics
Consumer Behavior, Organizational...
Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin , Hakan Danis , Ender Demir , Ugur Can

This volume presents selected articles from the 21st Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, which was...

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