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Download this eBook The Arts and The Brain

The Arts and The Brain

Julia F. Christensen , Antoni Gomila
Academic Press

The Arts and the Brain: Psychology and Physiology beyond Pleasure, Volume 237, combines the work of an excellent group of experts who explain evidence on the neural and biobehavioral science of the arts. Topics covered include the emergence...
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Tobacco Control in China
Gonghuan Yang

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Download this eBook The Arts and The Brain
The Arts andThe Brain...
Julia F. Christensen , Antoni Gomila

The Arts and the Brain: Psychology and Physiology beyond Pleasure, Volume 237, combines the work of an...

Download this eBook Forensic Histopathology
Forensic Histopathology
Reinhard B. Dettmeyer

This second edition, which combines the features of an atlas and a textbook, presents findings in forensic histology,...

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David Alfandre

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Download this eBook Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention
Tatiana Falcone , Jane Timmons-Mitchell

This volume is a guide for the hospital workforce related to suicide prevention.  Written by experts in the field,...

Download this eBook Heterogeneity of Function in Numerical Cognition
Heterogeneity of Function in Numerical...
Avishai Henik , Wim Fias

Heterogeneity of Function in Numerical Cognition presents the latest updates on ongoing research and...

Download this eBook Spinal Instability
Spinal Instability
Luigi Manfrè

This easy-to-consult guide describes new minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of spinal instability that are...

Download this eBook Structural Biology in Immunology
Structural Biology in Immunology
Chaim Putterman , David Cowburn , Steven Almo

Structural Biology in Immunology, Structure/Function of Novel Molecules of Immunologic Importance delivers...

Download this eBook Statistics and Simulation
Statistics and Simulation
Dieter Rasch , Jürgen Pilz , Viatcheslav B. Melas , Jürgen Moder

This volume features original contributions and invited review articles on mathematical statistics, statistical...

Download this eBook Essentials of Mini ? One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass
Essentials of Mini ? One Anastomosis...
Mervyn Deitel

This book indicates the technique and fine points of the mini- and one-anastomosis gastric bypass, and looks at the...

Download this eBook Emerging Nanotechnologies in Immunology
Emerging Nanotechnologies in Immunology
Ranjita Shegokar , Eliana B. Souto

Emerging Nanotechnologies in Immunology: The Design, Applications and Toxicology of Nanopharmaceuticals and...

Download this eBook Topographical and Pathotopographical Medical Atlas of the Chest, Abdomen, Lumbar Region, and Retroperitoneal Space
Topographical and Pathotopographical...
Z. M. Seagal

Written by an experienced and well-respected physician and professor, this new volume, building on the previous...