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Download this eBook Merde in Europe

Merde in Europe

Stephen Clarke
Cornerstone Digital

THE POST-BREXIT EDITION - brand new chapters with extra EU chaos for Englishman Paul West.An Englishman, Paul West, goes to Brussels to work for a French MEP. There he gets an insider's view of what really goes on in the massive...
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Download this eBook The Something Girl

The Something Girl


Jodi Taylor

From the author of the internationally bestselling Chronicles of St Mary's series...The Nothing Girl has grown up.It's life as usual at Frogmorton Farm - which is to say that events have passed the merely eccentric and are now galloping headlong...

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Download this eBook Britain’s Best Political Cartoons 2018

Britain’s Best Political Cartoons 2018

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10.99 € 9,49

Tim Benson
Cornerstone Digital

____________A blockbuster collection of the year’s funniest political cartoons, featuring the work of Mac, Steve Bell, Peter Brookes and many more . . . 2018 was the year that Brexit got serious, royals got married, football got...

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Download this eBook Reader I Married Me

Reader I Married Me


Sophie Tanner

Chloe Usher has just broken up with the love of her life. All her friends urge her to find another man before she disappears down the slippery slope to spinsterhood. After a particularly messy date and several gins, she decides that she doesn't need an 'other half'...

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Download this eBook 50 Years of MAC

50 Years of MAC


Mark Bryant

Political cartoonist MAC started at the Daily Sketch in 1969. At the end of 2018, he will have been capturing British life for 50 years. To mark these five decades working as an editorial cartoonist in Fleet Street, the very best of MAC's cartoons from the 1960s...

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Download this eBook Things My Mother Told Me

Things My Mother Told Me


Tanya Atapattu

I've read lots of stories about Asian mothers, seen various send-ups of them on TV programmes and watched all the standard Asian coming-of-age films. I've seen lots of send-ups about mothers in general, Asian or not. I don't want to make my mum out to be just...

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Download this eBook Kill ’Em All

Kill ’Em All


John Niven
Cornerstone Digital

_____________________The long-awaited sequel to KILL YOUR FRIENDSIt is 2017 – the time of Trump, Brexit and fake news. And time for the return of Steven Stelfox, exactly twenty years on from his Britpop heyday. Now forty-seven and rich...

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Download this eBook The Sex Secrets Of Old England

The Sex Secrets Of Old England


Nigel Cawthorne

Once again, Nigel Cawthorne takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the strange, hidden sexual history of England. The history of sex in Britain has been largely glossed over by 'proper' historians: Nigel Cawthorne has burrowed deep into the archives to reveal...

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Download this eBook My Very Italian Holiday

My Very Italian Holiday


Sue Roberts

A beautiful guesthouse, a fresh start and a hunky Italian. Does it sound too good to be true?  When Gina arrives in Lake Como, thousands of miles away from her life in the Lake District, she wonders if she’s...

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Download this eBook Baxter's Requiem

Baxter's Requiem


Matthew Crow

'The fact that this novel is so witty is incidental to how good it is - it has characters you care about deeply and a heart as big as a cathedral' Miles JuppLet me tell you a story, about a man I knew, and a man I know...Mr Baxter...

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Download this eBook The Getaway Girls

The Getaway Girls


Dee Macdonald

One morning, Connie McColl wakes up and decides to swap her ordinary life, for an extraordinary adventure… Connie McColl is finally free to make her own decisions for the first time in...

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