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Download this eBook Sugar And Other Stories

Sugar And Other Stories


A S Byatt
Vintage Digital

It should come as no surprise that short stories by the author of the magical Possession are populated by erudite paranoiacs, witches, changelings, and the ghost of a dead child. A S Byatt's short fictions explore the fragile ties between generations, the...

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Each story is in some way inspired by a painting of Henri Matisse, each is also about the intimate connection between seeing and feeling -- about the ways in which a glance we meant to be casual may suddenly call forth the deepest reserves of our being.Their...

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A new collection of stories from A. S. Byatt is always a winner, and this one takes an unexpected turn, bringing shivers as well as delights. Leaves rustle underfoot in a dark wood: two middle-aged women walk into a forest, as they did when they were girls, confronting...

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Download this eBook My World

My World


Peter Sagan
Vintage Digital

From 2015 to 2017, Peter Sagan achieved the seemingly impossible: he won three road race World Championships in a row, ensuring his entry into the history books as one of the greatest riders of all time.But to look at Peter’s record in isolation is to tell...

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Download this eBook Career Girls

Career Girls


T Mcgill
Vintage Digital

Emily is twenty-two years old. She’s just discovered that the gender pay gap is currently estimated to close in 2117. She’s psyched that her great-great-granddaughter is going to witness this momentous step forward for the sisterhood. She’s made herself a...

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Download this eBook A Vintage Christmas

A Vintage Christmas


Vintage Digital

VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS.'There seems a magic in the very name of Christmas' said Charles Dickens. There are also petty jealousies, mournful reminiscences, family feuds, inequalities and injustices, and fakery and...

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Download this eBook The Story of a Nutcracker

The Story of a Nutcracker


Alexandre Dumas
Vintage Digital

Discover the real story behind the famous Nutcracker Christmas ballet, as told by Alexandre Dumas‘How could you imagine, silly child, that this toy, which is made of cloth and wood, could possibly be alive?’The nutcracker doll that mysterious...

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Download this eBook A Tudor Christmas

A Tudor Christmas


Alison Weir , Siobhan Clarke
Vintage Digital

Christmas in Tudor times was a period of feasting, revelry and merrymaking ‘to drive the cold winter away’. A carnival atmosphere presided at court, with a twelve-day-long festival of entertainments, pageants, theatre productions and ‘disguisings’, when even the king...

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Download this eBook The Finance Curse

The Finance Curse


Nicholas Shaxson
Vintage Digital

Global finance is a system that works for the few and against the many.We need finance – but when finance grows too big it becomes a curse. The City of London is the single biggest drain on our resources; it sucks talent out of every sphere, it siphons...

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Download this eBook The Wife

The Wife


Meg Wolitzer
Vintage Digital

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING GLENN CLOSEA husband. A wife. A secret. Behind any great man, there’s always a greater woman.Joe and Joan Castleman are on an aeroplane, 35,000 feet above the ocean. Joe is thinking about...

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