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The Mule


David Quantick
Unbound Digital

Jacky is a translator. He is a bit of an eccentric. And he can't quite understand why the enigmatic and beautiful girl at the bar wants to talk to him. Even more perplexing is the tatty-looking book she carries with her but won't let him touch. Written in an...

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Rose Bretécher
Unbound Digital

Rose Bretécher has OCD, but not as you know it. Pure is the true story of her life with intrusive sexual thoughts – a rampant but little-known symptom of the disorder. It tracks her farcical ten-year path to redemption, from the time she was first seized by...

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Burchill, Julie
Unbound Digital

Bristling with strong opinions and fizzing with wit, Julie Burchill narrates the story of how a chance discovery of her father's copy of a World at War magazine about the holocaust kindled an obsessive love that still sustains her today. Unchosen is...

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Napier-Bell, Simon
Unbound Digital

Welcome to the music business, a world of greed, corruption, self-interest and fun... This is the ultimate insider history of how popular music has evolved, not just as a creative industry, but as a business that...

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