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Download this eBook Football



Stephen Mumford

Football is the most popular sport on the planet partly because it’s so simple to play – but as philosopher, novelist and avid fan Stephen Mumford shows, behind the straightforward rules of the game there lurks a world of intriguing complexity. Mumford...

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Download this eBook Coal



Mark C. Thurber

By making available the almost unlimited energy stored in prehistoric plant matter, coal enabled the industrial age – and it still does. Coal today generates more electricity worldwide than any other energy source, helping to drive economic growth in major emerging...

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Download this eBook Work



Bruce Pietrykowski

Much of our life involves working, preparing for work, searching for work, or thinking and worrying about work. Whether paid or unpaid, free or coerced, full-time, part-time, or zero-hours, work defines us and helps shape our behavior both on and off the job. ...

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Download this eBook Education in China

Education in China


Janette Ryan

Throughout its history, education in China has played a pivotal role in the nation’s governance, civic society, and the social and cultural lives of its citizens. Today we see a nation grappling with how to modernize and internationalize its education system, while...

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Download this eBook War and Political Theory

War and Political Theory


Brian Orend

In a world that continues to be riven by armed conflict, the fundamental moral and political questions raised by warfare are as important as ever. Under what circumstances are we justified in going to war? Can conflicts be waged in a ‘moral’ way? Is war an inevitable...

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Download this eBook Should We Abolish Household Debts?

Should We Abolish Household Debts?


Johnna Montgomerie

We live in a culture of credit. As wages have stagnated, we’ve seen a dramatic surge in private borrowing across the western world; increasing numbers of households are sucked into a hopeless vortex of spiralling debt, fuelled by exploitative lending. In this...

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Download this eBook The Political Economy of Inequality

The Political Economy of Inequality


Frank Stilwell

During the last few decades, the gap between the incomes, wealth and living standards of rich and poor people has increased in most countries. Economic inequality has become a defining issue of our age. In this book, leading political economist Frank...

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Download this eBook Trump



Alain Badiou

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States sent shockwaves across the globe. How was such an outcome even possible? In two lectures given at American universities in the immediate aftermath of the election, the leading French philosopher Alain...

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Download this eBook Contemporary Russian Politics

Contemporary Russian Politics


Neil Robinson

Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin for a fourth presidential term in 2018 has seen Russian democracy weaken further and Russia’s relations with the West deteriorate seriously. Yet, within Russia, Putin’s position remains unchallenged and his foreign policy battles...

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Download this eBook Cyberdiplomacy



Shaun Riordan

The world has been sleep-walking into cyber chaos. The spread of misinformation via social media and the theft of data and intellectual property, along with regular cyberattacks, threaten the fabric of modern societies. All the while, the Internet of Things increases...

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