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Download this eBook Practical Health Promotion

Practical Health Promotion


James Woodall , John Hubley , June Copeman

The second edition of this popular introductory textbook has been fully revised to provide a totally up-to-date guide to the practical aspects of promoting health. Focusing on the range of skills needed to become an effective practitioner, it takes readers step-by-step...

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Download this eBook Fascism



Roger Griffin

The word ‘fascism’ sometimes appears to have become a catch-all term of abuse, applicable to anyone on the political right, from Hitler to Donald Trump and from Putin to Thatcher. While some argue that it lacks any distinctive conceptual meaning at all, others have...

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Download this eBook Why Read Hannah Arendt Now?

Why Read Hannah Arendt Now?


Richard J. Bernstein

Recently there has been an extraordinary international revival of interest in Hannah Arendt. She was extremely perceptive about the dark tendencies in contemporary life that continue to plague us. She developed a concept of politics and public freedom that serves as a...

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Download this eBook Radicalized Loyalties

Radicalized Loyalties


Fabien Truong

There is widespread concern today about the “radicalization” of young muslim men, and the deprived areas of Western cities are believed to have become breeding grounds of home-grown extremism. But how do young Muslims growing up in the cities of the West really live?...

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Download this eBook A Philosophy for Europe

A Philosophy for Europe


Roberto Esposito

Amid a devastating economic crisis, two tragic events coming from the outside – the wave of immigration and Islamic terrorism – have radically changed the profile and significance of the space we call Europe. Given a paradigm leap of this sort, philosophical reflection...

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Download this eBook Economic Anthropology

Economic Anthropology


Chris Hann , Keith Hart

This book is a new introduction to the history and practice of economic anthropology by two leading authors in the field. They show that anthropologists have contributed to understanding the three great questions of modern economic history: development, socialism and...

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Download this eBook The Case for a Maximum Wage

The Case for a Maximum Wage


Sam Pizzigati

Modern societies set limits, on everything from how fast motorists can drive to how much waste factory owners can dump in our rivers. But incomes in our deeply unequal world have no limits. Could capping top incomes tackle rising inequality more effectively than...

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Download this eBook The Future of Human Rights

The Future of Human Rights


Alison Brysk

Human rights have fallen on hard times, yet they are more necessary than ever. People all over the world – from Amazonian villages to Iranian prisons – need human rights to gain recognition, campaign for justice, and save lives. But how can we secure a brighter future...

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Download this eBook Political Judgment

Political Judgment


Peter J. Steinberger

Politics is the process by which communities collectively decide to pursue certain courses of action. It is, as such, always a matter of judgment. Courses of action are chosen at least in part because they are somehow adjudged better than the alternatives, and this has...

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Download this eBook Reading Marx

Reading Marx


Slavoj Zizek , Agon Hamza , Frank Ruda

Marx's critique of political economy is vital for understanding the crisis of contemporary capitalism. Yet the nature of its relevance and some of its key tenets remain poorly understood. This bold intervention brings together the work of leading Marx scholars Slavoj...

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