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Download this eBook A Study on the Washback Effects of the Test for English Majors (TEM)

A Study on the Washback Effects of the Test for English Majors (TEM)


Jun Liu , Qian Xu

This book adopts a multi-method and multi-phase approach to investigate the washback effects of Test for English Majors (TEM) on program administrators, teachers and students, shedding new light on TEM reform and the reform of English teaching and learning in...

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Download this eBook Contemporary Logistics in China

Contemporary Logistics in China


Jun Liu , Shao-Ju Lee , Jian-Hua Xiao , Bing-Lian Liu

This book is the eighth volume in a series entitled “Contemporary Logistics in China,” authored by researchers from the Logistics Research Center at Nankai University. In the spirit of the seven preceding annual volumes, this book carries on the ideal of providing a...

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Download this eBook HSPA Performance and Evolution

HSPA Performance and Evolution


Pablo Tapia , Jun Liu , Yasmin Karimli , Martin Feuerstein

Written from an operator’s viewpoint,  HSPA Performance and Evolution  explores the lessons learned and techniques developed for optimally deploying HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). The essential distinctions between rolling out HSPA compared to earlier UMTS and...

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