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Download this eBook Smart Smart Home Handbook

Smart Smart Home Handbook


Adam Juniper
Ilex Press

Until just a few years ago, turning a light on and off with a clap was about as clever as technology got. Today, almost anything can be connected to the internet, and with this connection comes the ability to turn your bedroom lights off from another country,...

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Download this eBook The Complete Guide to Drones

The Complete Guide to Drones


Adam Juniper
Ilex Press

If you think you need a boarding pass to fly, you're really missing out... Today, drones are everywhere. From film studios to farms, they're in the hands of photographers, commercial surveyors and racers alike. This fully illustrated book...

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Download this eBook 101 Top Tips for DSLR Video

101 Top Tips for DSLR Video


David Newton , Adam Juniper
Ilex Press

Following the arrival of game-changing new cameras from Nikon and Canon, the hottest area in the world of photography has been combining high-definition video capability with all the advantages of SLR's interchangeable lenses. For the first time, full cinematic...

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