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Download this eBook City of Devils

City of Devils


Paul French

'Shanghai's champion storyteller - He grips his reader to the end' Economist'Gripping, breakneck ultra-noir reminiscent of vintage Ellroy' David Peace, author of Red or Dead'If you love Richard Lloyd Parry and...

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Download this eBook Betrayal in Paris

Betrayal in Paris


Paul French

At the conclusion of 'the war to end war', the victorious powers set about redesigning the world map at the Paris Peace Conference. For China, Versailles presented an opportunity to regain territory lost to Japan at the start of the war. Yet, despite early encouragement...

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Download this eBook Midnight in Peking

Midnight in Peking


Paul French

Midnight in Peking is a gripping true murder mystery by Paul FrenchTHE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER - AS HEARD ON BBC RADIO 4'A first-rate murder story, a thrilling narrative. Hurtles along from one cliffhanger to the next' ...

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Download this eBook The Badlands

The Badlands


Paul French

The Badlands by Paul French - a gripping criminal portrait of pre-communist Peking, from the interntional bestselling author of Midnight in PekingThe Badlands, a warren of narrow hutongs in the eastern district of pre-communist Peking, had...

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