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Download this eBook The Dynamics of Iranian Borders

The Dynamics of Iranian Borders


Mansoureh Ebrahimi , Masoumeh Rad Goudarzi , Kamaruzaman Yusoff

This book is on Iran’s geopolitical importance representing a continuum of international competition for political gains and economic benefit, due to the country's unique geographical location that has always been a cause of contention. Iran’s massive boarders and...

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Download this eBook The British Role in Iranian Domestic Politics (1951-1953)

The British Role in Iranian Domestic Politics (1951-1953)


Mansoureh Ebrahimi

Based on British and Iranian sources, this book investigates the background and goals of the coup in Iran, examining how British foreign and domestic agents interfered with Iran’s internal affairs between the nationalization of Iran’s oil in 1951 until its failure in...

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