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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about eBooks or about how to use this website.
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Terms & Conditions of Service
Terms & Conditions of Service
Terms & Conditions of Service

The following Terms and Conditions of Service relate to digital offer.




This statement constitutes, to this day, the General Terms And Conditions of Service (T&Cs) for downloadable eBooks. These T&Cs may be subject to change. The applicable conditions are those currently in force on the eBook store at the date of your order. Consequently, we invite you to regularly consult the eBook store so as to be aware of the latest evolutions. To be authorized to order from the eBook store, you must beforehand have read and accepted the T&Cs.


Ticking the “I accept Terms and Conditions of Service” box, placed above the confirmation button, certifies your unreserved consent to the present T&Cs.


The particular conditions (unitary price, file format, compatible technical environment, rights protection) relating to the download of each digital file are indicated on the book sheet presenting each eBook or on the FAQ pages. These conditions and the T&Cs are applicable in relation to the date of your order: the terms of the order, conserved by the eBook store by way of a digital copy on the commercial site, will constitute a proof of sale for all transactions passed between the client and


The download and reading terms, as well as the general technical constraints associated with the downloading of digital files offered by, are detailed and put up to date on the FAQ pages of the eBook store’s site.


We especially wish to emphasize that eBook files downloaded following an order on this site are protected against copy by Digital Rights Management systems (DRM). These protection measures are usually and to this day incompatible with certain IT environments, namely with the Linux or Unix environments.





The eBooks offered by are available to any person owning a valid personal credit card and having the legal capacity to contract. Orders by minors must be placed by one of the parents or legal representatives.





You commit to providing genuine and sincere information.


After providing the required information, tick the I accept Terms and Conditions of Service box. This entails your acceptance of the present T&Cs linked to each eBook presented on each specific book sheet or in the FAQ pages.


After confirming your order, you may print the page presenting your order number, which will be asked of you in case of complaint.


You may cancel your order until your confirm the payment.


You may pay your order by credit card. For extra safety during the transfer, the client’s credit card number is encrypted. Once the transaction is over, the credit card number is not stored. It shall be needed for each new order.


From the moment the credit card code is typed, the order is confirmed.

Once your payment is validated, you shall receive a confirmation e-mail at the address associated to your client account. This e-mail contains a link towards a page allowing you to download the ordered eBooks; it also constitutes an acknowledgement of receipt of your order.

From the time you have received the download links for the ordered eBooks, you are no longer given the possibility to cancel your order, and the price of the purchase will automatically be debited, even if you later decide to give up the download of said files.


In case of difficulty, and namely if you do not receive an e-mail containing the download links at the address associated with your client account, you can contact the eBook store customer assistance at the e-mail address indicated on the order confirmation e-mail or on the eBook store’s website.




The prices found on the eBook store’s website are tax inclusive.





The data registered on the eBook store constitute proof of all the orders you have placed.





The ordered eBooks, their content, as well as all elements reproduced on the eBooks downloading site, are protected by the law over copyright and by trademark law.


The eBooks offered on the eBook store are protected by Digital Rights Management systems (DRM). The client commits to neither circumvent nor infringe upon the system used to control the access to downloaded eBooks, nor to any device striving to meet the same target.





All bank data transmitted for your payment is transmitted exclusively to the bank managing the online transaction. The bank checks the validity of the client’s credit card at the date of purchase. The transmission of data on this interface is protected by SSL encryption technology.





It is clearly understood that any undertaking given by within the framework of the eBook store is a best effort undertaking. Therefore:

1° cannot be held responsible for the limits linked to the Internet and more specifically to its technical performances and to the delays in consulting, interrogating or transferring data. It is up to you to take all appropriate measures so as to protect your own data and software from contamination by potential computer viruses.

2° In certain countries, the enforced laws forbid or restrict free access to certain works of the mind; you commit to verifying that in the eyes of the law of country from which you are placing your order, no such prohibitions or restrictions exist concerning the eBooks you ordered.




Your use of websites and downloads from them, and the operation of these terms, shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The English courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of your use of these websites except that may take action in any jurisdiction to protect their intellectual property rights or to recover any amount owed to them.