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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about eBooks or about how to use this website.
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How do I load an ePub eBook with Adobe Digital Editions software?
Once your payment is validated, you will be redirected to a page containing the link to download the eBooks. To open your eBook, click "Download". The eBook will automatically download in Adobe Digital Editions, you can start your reading!

How do I load an ePub eBook with Sony Reader?
Adobe Digital Editions allows you to transfer items from your library to your Sony Reader. Note: It is important to install the Sony eBook Library driver supplied with the device. Once the drivers installed, launch Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions will automatically detect your reader and ask you for your Adobe ID. If you have not done it already, you must allow Adobe Digital Editions to access your computer. Adobe Digital Editions and Sony reader must both be authorised (using your Adobe ID) to allow the transfer of protected content to and from the reader.

Once authorised, the reader appears as a library in Adobe Digital Editions. You can transfer items to and from the reader. To do this, simply "drag and drop" the item want to transfer onto the "Sony" library in Adobe Digital Editions.

Important: Do not disconnect the Sony Reader while transferring items to or from the computer.

How do I transfer an ePub eBook to another computer?
If you have authorised your computer with your Adobe ID, eBooks and other digital publications are not exclusively associated with one particular computer: they will be assigned to you through your Adobe ID. You can transfer items from your library to 6 computers or supported mobile devices. Before transferring items between two computers, you must authorise both devices with your Adobe ID. Note: When transferring items to another computer, the eBookmarks are not copied. To transfer an item from the library to an authorised computer: On the source computer, locate and open the "My Digital Editions" folder in the "My Documents" folder. Select the ePub files corresponding to the titles you wish to transfer. Copy the selected files onto a portable device (for example, a flash drive) or send them by email to the target computer. On the target computer, copy the files to the folder "My documents\My Digital Editions". Open Adobe Digital Editions on the target computer. Choose "Library > Add an item to the library", go to the folder "My Digital Editions", then select the files to add them to the library.