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Hydraulic Rig Technology and Operations

Les Skinner

Gulf Professional Publishing
Format: ePub

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Hydraulic Rig Technology and Operations delivers the full spectrum of topics critical to running a hydraulic rig. Also referred to as a snubbing unit, this single product covers all the specific specialties and knowledge needed to keep production going, from their history, to components and equipment. Also included are the practical calculations, uses, drilling examples, and technology used today. Supported by definitions, seal materials and shapes, and Q&A sections within chapters, this book gives drilling engineers the answers they need to effectively run and manage hydraulic rigs from anywhere in the world. Presents the full range of hydraulic machinery in drilling engineering, including basic theory, calculations, definitions and name conventionsHelps readers gain practical knowledge on day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and decision-making through real-life examples Includes Q&A quizzes that help users test their knowledge

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