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Danger Point

Patricia Wentworth

Hodder & Stoughton
Format: ePub

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The first wife died suddenly. Without Miss Silver's help, the new bride may be about to meet a similar fate
'Ranks with the best of the golden-age detectives' Daily Mail
Maud Silver, demure private eye, is on a train to London when a young woman in a state of shock bursts into her compartment. She is Lisle Jerningham, a newlywed with a fortune - which may be about to get her killed.
Lisle explains that she fled her home in a hurry after overhearing a sinister conversation. Her new husband's first wife died in an apparent accident, and the resultant infusion of cash saved his family home. Now, he's broke again - and she fears he is attempting to engineer a second convenient mishap.
Whether the widower is bent on a second murder or his young wife is being paranoid, no one is clear. But if Lisle is in danger, it is up to Miss Silver to find out.
'A first-rate storyteller' Daily Telegraph

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