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Leo Hunt

Orchard Books
Format: ePub

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Tech in her veins. Anarchy in her blood.
In the City, they have it all - sunlight, a corp job, a corpbloc home miles above the poisoned earth below.
Four-hundred storeys down, in the darkness of the undercity slums, lives sixteen-year-old orphan Nova.
Nova is a hacker. Aided by the program Phantom, she can sneak up to the City, leech what she needs and sink back down again, invisible as a ghost.But Nova has caught someone's eye, and that's Phantom-creator and legendary anti-corp hacker the Moth.
Now the Moth has a job for Nova.
A job that will send her miles into the sky.
To bring the City crashing down.
An explosive futuristic fantasy from the author of Thirteen Days of Midnight, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Award.

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