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A Spiral Approach to Financial Mathematics

Nathan Tintle , Nathan Schelhaas , Todd Swanson

Academic Press
Format: ePub

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A Spiral Approach to Financial Mathematics lays a foundation of intuitive analysis of financial concepts early in the course, followed by a more detailed and nuanced treatment in later chapters. It introduces major financial concepts through real situations, integrates active learning, student focused explorations and examples with Excel spreadsheets and straightforward financial calculations. It is organized so sections can be read independently or through in-class guided-discovery activities and/or interactive lectures. Focusing on conceptual understanding to maximize comprehension and retention, using modern financial analysis tools and utilizing active learning, the book offers a modern approach that eliminates tedious and time-consuming calculations initially without underestimating the ability of readers. Covers FM Exam topics Includes Excel spreadsheets that enable the execution of financial transactionsPresents a spiral, active learning pedagogical strategy that accentuates key concepts and reinforces intuitive learning

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