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The Evolution of Earth's Climate


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Climate change is one of the most controversial and argued issues in the world today, and it has been for years.  It has been politicized by politicians on all sides, some scientists have used the study of it for their own material gain above true scientific discovery, and some scientific theories surrounding it have been believed even though proven false.  But there is not, by any means, complete agreement among all scientists throughout the world on this issue.
Written by two of the world’s most well-respected environmental and petroleum engineers, this book is meant to be one voice in the scientific literature on this important subject.  Other books, also available from Wiley-Scrivener, take the opposite stance, but it is important, in our scientific journey, to listen to all voices and rely on facts, rather than opinions.  We trust the reader to make his or her decisions based on all of the facts, and not just some of them. 

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