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Walker's Manly Exercises

Donald Walker

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For gentlemen leading sedentary lives, Donald Walker has just the pep talk you need.
If you haven't yet discovered the vast array of benefits that arise from physical exertion, then let Walker be your guide. As well as helping to prolong life and improve its happiness, active exercises can help you to achieve a beauty of form, elegant air and graceful manners.
Through a combination of manly exercises such as leaping, skating and climbing trees, you can acquire the physique you desire and become the envy of all gentlemen.
Tips include:
· The correct way to walk at different paces - slow, moderate and quick
· The best liquids to consume - primarily cold beer and cider
· Permitted vegetable matter - including biscuits and stale bread
Lavishly illustrated throughout, this Victorian guide has been brought back to life so that modern gents can exercise the manly way.

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