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Sustainable Mass Transit

Thomas Abdallah

Elsevier Science
Format: ePub

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Sustainable Mass Transit: Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Public Transportation examines the numerous types of mass transit systems, looking closely at all their key functions, including operations, maintenance, development, design, building and retrofitting. It examines the mitigation measures that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts, including green infrastructure, materials conservation, ecological conservation and other sustainable initiatives.
The book explores organizational best practices, environmental regulatory constraints and life-cycle assessments, describing which sustainable elements can be added while rehabilitating or expanding a mass transportation infrastructure or ancillary facility. The book concludes with a look at forthcoming sustainable initiatives that will enhance mass transit systems.Contains case studies from the United States, Europe, South America, Africa and AsiaUses applied research written by transportation practitioners and scholarsExplores how Environmental Management System frameworks improve environmental performance in the operations, maintenance, design, rehabilitation and expansion of a mass transportation systemShows how teams from different fields, entities, agencies and cities can work together to solve complex sustainability challenges

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