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Why did God change his mind?

Aytun Altindal

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This addition to Judeao-Christian heritage is all the more welcome because its author’s cultural roots lie in a quite different tradition-Islam. This difference plus Mr Altindal’s wide-ranging scholarship and syncretic understanding enables him to look at the image of the Biblical God, Elohim, with an eye unclouded by religious passion and dispersions of Judeo-Christian cultural mores.
The book’s main hypothesis is neither subversive nor atheistic: it is however intellectually provoking, dealing on the one hand with Biblical Elohim as the Presence and on the other Talmudic JHWH as the man-made Appearance of the former. Complementing these are also clear exegeses of the place of Mosaic Law and Pauline theology in the development of the early church.
To some this Monistic-Deistic thesis may appear heretical: but for the liberal open-minded seeker after elucidation it will provide both stimulus and insight.

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