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Investing in Shares For Dummies

Paul Mladjenovic , David Stevenson

For Dummies
Format: PDF,ePub

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Master the markets and make wise investments.
Investing in Shares For Dummies gives you the sound advice and proven tactics you need to play the markets and watch your profits grow. The experienced authors introduce you to all categories of shares, show you how to analyse the key markets, and offer invaluable resources for developing a portfolio. Whether the markets are up or down, you'll discover practical investing strategies and expert insights so you have the knowledge to invest with confidence.
The book is divided into five parts:
Part I: The Essentials of Investing in Shares (including common approaches to investing in shares, assessing risks and getting to know the stock markets)
Part II: Before You Start Buying (including gathering the right info, finding a stockbroker, investing for growth and investing for income)
Part III: Picking Winners (including decoding company documents, analysing industries and seeking emerging sector opportunities)
Part IV: Investment Strategies and Tactics (including choosing a strategy, trading techniques, using your broker, and a glimpse at what the insiders do!)
Part V: The Part of Tens

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