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Micro:Bit – A Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Ray Chambers

Hodder Education
Format: ePub

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The BBC micro:bit Quickstart Guide for Teachers is designed to support educators in effective use of the BBC micro:bit devices distributed to all Year 7 students in the United Kingdom as part of the BBC's Make It Digital initiative.
Supported by Microsoft and published by Hodder Education, this indispensable guide features:
An introduction to the Make It Digital initiative
An outline of what the BBC micro:bit is and what it's designed to do
Advice on how teachers and students can get the most out of the BBC micro:bit device, including how the hardware and the supporting services work (including the BBC micro:bit website, code editors and code compiler)
Guidance on how to get started with creating programs for the BBC micro:bit using the Microsoft Touch Develop Editor, and how to compile them and upload them to your device
Coding lessons of varying difficulty with step-by-step walkthroughs and solutions for each activity
Curriculum references, providing educators with opportunities to introduce key computational thinking concepts and map outcomes back to aspects of the English computing program of study

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